For The Most Part, Gambling Twitter Sucks

So you’ve probably already heard about this by now but I was following it “live” last night and need to comment on this situation. Marlin’s pitcher Jarred Cosart DM’d some “tout” on twitter last night telling him he tail’d him on an under play and hit it. The culprits here as far as exposing Cosart seem to be the guy in the tweet above and this guy:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.00.52 AM

My problem isn’t with Cosart betting. That’d be pretty hypocritical of me now wouldn’t it. I don’t believe he bets on baseball (although he has some pretty shitty performances) and in this specific instance it’s pretty obvious this was a bet on an NBA game. My problem is with exposing him and potentially ruining a guy’s real life based on a DM and an NBA bet. Gambling twitter is a total cesspool. There’s a million people trying to sell their picks and you’d be better off flipping a coin every game than taking their advice. 95% of gambling twitter is made up of scam artists. Now there are legit people to follow but none of them are looking for any money and generally just like sharing their info/picks. But why blow this guy up? Why be a “tout” and then try to expose people for betting on sports? Kind of hypocritical no? It just pisses me off that this could be another instance of the internet mob possibly ruining some guy over one tweet/DM. Nobody should care that an MLB pitcher bets on NBA games and now Cosart will need to defend his whole career and who knows if he’ll even have one going forward*.

*If it can be proven he was throwing (no pun intended) the games he pitched in then that’s a totally different story but as of now it’s the story of a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing tailing random “touts” on twitter for NBA bets.

– Ballgame


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