Lexington High Changed The Name Of Their “American Pride” Dance Because It Excludes Other Nationalities

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The Battle of Lexington, which you know…started the creation of this country.

Boston.comThe theme of a junior/senior dance at Lexington High School has been changed from “American Pride” to “National Pride,” causing debate in the community.

Lexington, which played such a crucial role in the American Revolutionary War 240 years ago and whose school district motto is “The Historic Past Meets the Progressive Future,” has scrapped the red, white, and blue celebration on April 10 for a less America-specific focus.

Lexington High School Principal Laura Lasa’s office said a statement about the change will be released later today, but stressed that the dance was neither canceled nor rescheduled — it was always scheduled for April 10.

Carol Pilarski, assistant superintendent for Lexington Public Schools, told WHDH that officials wanted the dance to be more inclusive so students could represent their different nationalities.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: We’ve now REALLY officially left planet earth. In fact, we’re now in a galaxy far, far away. Obviously absolutely nobody anywhere is offended by an “American Pride” dance other than some total lunatics that make up the Lexington High administration. But I don’t even understand their convoluted reasoning here. Sure, kids at Lexington High come from different historical backgrounds. Just like every single person that lives in the United States. And one could probably assume that every student at Lexington High is an American citizen. So what THE FUCK are they even talking about here?

The name of a dance is irrelevant. But the fact that people now believe a dance with an American pride theme is offensive is a problem. Everyone knows this is insane but all it takes is a tiny number of people who are legit crazy to affect everybody’s lives and we’re seeing it all the time now. I mean this is getting to the point where what used to be trolling is now real life. Enjoy the “National Pride” dance.

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