Tales From The Blog Game: Ballgame Gets Internet Sued

You put the Kendall Jenner pic up? Who told you to put the Kendall Jenner pic up?  I didn’t tell you to put the Kendall Jenner pic up.  Why’d you put the Kendall Jenner pic up?  That’s where it all began.  Most people think it’s all couch sitting and porn watching in the blog game but as I just found out it’s also filled with legal trappings and shady lawyers from Long Island.

Roughly two years ago I saved a pic of Kendall Jenner and then uploaded it onto the blog.  I started getting legal notices and I had no idea what they meant because I don’t have Jackie Chiles on retainer so I just took the pic down and figured that’d be it.  Then nothing happened forever.  I thought I was in the clear.  Fast forward to the last few weeks and I start getting emails and voicemails from some lawyer in New York.  She starts telling me that we can resolve the matter over the phone and blah blah blah.  Then she finally says I need to call her back asap if we want to settle the matter amicably.  At this point, since I lack any type of legal knowledge (and I’m currently poor) I bit the bullet and called her back.  To her credit the woman was pretty nice about it considering I avoided her for three weeks.  But it came down to this: I had to pay $772 for a retroactive license for one picture of Kendall Jenner that I posted on here illegally (unknowingly).  If I didn’t pay they had actually already issued a summons for me to go to court in NYC.  But 772 bucks!  That’s outrageous!  I mean I guess I violated a copyright law (I did) but that seems insane for reposting a picture.   The biggest kick to the balls was that it wasn’t even a great picture.  No nip slip or ridiculous ass shot or anything like that.  It was a pretty standard picture.

What I’ve since realized after talking to a buddy that’s a lawyer is that I think I was pretty much extorted. He said no ‘real’ legal matters would ever be settled over the phone and I certainly wouldn’t be able to pay them with a credit card on their website. Based on the internet sleuthing I did they do appear to be a real law firm, they’re just scum bags tip toeing the legal line like I was with the Kendall pic. So being dumb and scared of going to court cost me $772 bucks.

Anyways, the whole plan was to get the money back betting the Friars on Friday night and we all know how that worked out.  I just figured I’d share this story for any aspiring bloggers out there as a warning from a guy who’s been through the grind for the last few years.  Be careful out there, the internet is not a safe place.

– Ballgame


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