Kentucky Declares Their Off Campus Housing Area An Emergency Area For The Next Two Weekends

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.59.46 PM

Via Reddit

From what I can tell this appears to be a thinly veiled anti-couch burning notice. The continued emphasis on indoor furniture being outdoors is a dead give away. But is Kentucky even known for burning couches or is West Virginia already in their heads? That’s what I need some intel on. Would the Kentucky students burn couches if (when) they beat West Virginia to try to stick it to them with their own celebration? I suppose I’d respect that move. Now with all that being said don’t sleep on Huggy Bear, the neers’ won’t be scared to play Kentucky. I’ll be rooting for West Virginia so that not one couch in Morgantown survives Thursday night.

– Ballgame


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