Facebook Eliminated The “Feeling Fat” Emoji Because It’s “Fat Shaming”

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.15.11 AM

The VergeFacebook this week removed a feature that allowed users to tell their friends they’re “feeling fat,” in apparent response to an online petition that garnered more than 16,000 signatures. The “feeling fat” emoticon had been among the lengthy list of feelings and activities that users can include when updating their statuses, alongside the likes of “blessed,” “loved,” and “drunk.” Supporters of the petition argued that “fat is not a feeling,” and that by including the smiling, double-chinned emoticon, Facebook was “encouraging negative body image among girls.” The company removed the emoticon on Tuesday.

First of all, fat is absolutely a feeling. Trust me, I know. The fact that this is being described as “encouraging negative body image among girls” is incredibly insulting to me as a man who may or may not feel fat from time to time. As if my fat feelings just don’t exist or something because I have a penis. That’s called sexism fatavists (fat + activists, just coined that) and I frankly won’t stand for it.

But are we at the point where were just going to act like real things don’t exist if they might hurt people’s feelings? Like pretty soon we just won’t be able to publicly acknowledge that obese people exist because it could hurt somebody’s feelings. That will definitely help lower the rising obesity rate in this country, by telling them all it’s ok and acting like it’s not a real health epidemic. But hey, on the plus side nobody will shed tears over a cartoon face with a double chin so I guess the world is a better place now.

Fucking idiots.

– Ballgame


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