What’s The Deal With All These People In Sports Wanting To Regulate “Cruel” Speech On Twitter/The Internet

(There’s a lot more to it than this but I needed to get something)

Yesterday the entire sports media world talked about how Curt Shilling got trolled on twitter. Just stop and think about that for a second. Morons on the internet said stuff to Schilling that was definitely over the line but the fact that it became a national story and Schilling did the sports talk radio circuit yesterday is INSANE. I don’t want to “blame the victim” here but Curt be aware of the forum you’re dealing with here. This happens to celebrities/internet personalities 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you start talking about your 17 year old daughter you HAVE to know what’s going to happen. Now in the clip above Cowherd and Dan Lebatard are talking about how there should be regulation on the internet for people that say things that are “too cruel” and they should be able to be prosecuted. Cowherd’s been mentioning it a lot recently. Apparently Britain already does this.

FUCK YOU GUYS. This is exactly what makes twitter and the internet so great. And I think internet trolls are for the most part pretty pathetic. But the last thing we need is some group of people arbitrarily determining what’s over the line and punishing people for it. Do you see what the PC police already does to people? It’d be that times a billion. There are thousands and thousands of morons on twitter who are either really stupid or who are purposely trying to get a rise out of a celebrity. Nobody has to respond or even look at these people. You can simply press the block button. You can respond to them like Schilling did if you so choose. Or you can get off twitter. As weird as it sounds the beauty of twitter is that these morons can exist and say whatever they want.

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