There’s No Chance This Guy That Put Up Fliers Looking For A GF Hooked Up With 118 Chicks

NewsThe actor and part-time web designer made a flyer with his picture and contact details along with the words “looking for a girlfriend” and “this is not a joke” and plastered it across his local neighbourhood.

Now six months on, the 51-year-old has become a national celebrity and posted more than 40,000 pictures of his face around New York, in an unusual approach to dating that has seen him score hundreds of dates and 118 ‘hook-ups’ so far.

“It’s been going great” he told “I’ve had … hook-ups with 118 girls, but the dating is a lot more than that.”

And in case you’re wondering what ‘hook-ups’ means, Perino was blunt: “sex”.

Nope. Zero chance. Nada. I hate to break it to you Perogi but you have no banged 118 chicks in the last six months. Just doing the math makes it pretty unbelievable. Six months is 24-26 weeks. I’ll even give him the benefit of 26 weeks. 118/26 = 4.5. So THIS guy (look at that picture again) was banging 4.5 new chicks a week? I don’t even care if he threw standards completely out the window and just banged anything with a vagina. Logistically this doesn’t work unless you’re Wilt Chamberlin. I’d be shocked if this guy can even get hard 4.5 times a week. 51 year olds aren’t plowing through pussy like an NBA player on a west coast road trip. That’s not how 51 year olds who have no hair, a part time job and no prospects operates. I mean I’m a hot guy with no job and I certainly haven’t banged 118 chicks since September (probably just a result of being lazy, but you get the point). So while I suppose I appreciate this guy’s hustle posting 40,000 pictures of himself in attempt to get laid just be honest with us in regards to the results. Is that too much to ask?

– Ballgame


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