My Annual National Pancake Day/Free Pancakes At IHOP Blog

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I love going out to breakfast. I love pancakes. I made pancakes for the first time in forever on Sunday and they were incredible. In fact pancakes probably should have made my food pyramid. But with that being said I wouldn’t be caught dead in an iHop today. A free short stack just isn’t worth risking my life over. Nothing attracts the lowest level of people on earth more than free food. Nevermind free pancakes of all things. There’s three jobs I would never do no matter how much money you paid me: Shoe store employee the day new Jordan’s come out, Beekeeper and IHOP employee on National Pancake Day. All three jobs are life threatening and I do not value a days work over living. I’ll be shocked if there isn’t a large stack of youtube videos out later today of brawls at IHOP’s all over the country. Besides, I’d rather go to Bickfords.

ps – The original blog on this was February 28th, 2012. I didn’t think 114 Pembroke went back that far but apparently I’m in year four. At some point it’ll hit me that this blog isn’t my key to financial freedom, but I’m not sure when that’ll be.

– Ballgame


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