Count Musburger As One Of The Guys That Suffered A Bad Beat At The Hands Of Last Night’s Iowa St. Comeback

SportingnewsHis partner, Fran Fraschilla, made a thinly veiled reference to such a possibility in the closing minute of Iowa State’s eventual win — and cover — during ESPN’s broadcast of the game. Musburger, who is known for dropping references to the point spread and total while he’s calling games, didn’t exactly deny it.

With 31 seconds left in the game and Oklahoma trailing 74-68, an out-of-bounds play was initially ruled in the Sooners’ favor. Fraschilla said to Musburger, “I bet you don’t want them to review that call, do ya?”

Laughter ensued from both of them. Oklahoma was a 6-point underdog.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Musburger said, laughing still.

Then he pretty much admitted to what Fraschilla was hinting.

“Yes, I do (know what you’re talking about), and no, I don’t (want them to review it),” Musburger said.

God bless you Brent you magnificent bastard! We all know by now that Brent makes not so subtle comments on what the spread or over/under is during the games he calls but rarely do we find out what side Brent’s on. Sometimes you can tell, but you don’t usually find out this explicitly. Betting the games and discussing the line, pointing out hot chicks in the crowd, Brent truly is representing the common man.

What a brutal collapse for Oklahoma in this one. I wasn’t watching it until I saw via twitter what was going on but if you had Oklahoma last night and are still hiding under your covers this morning I don’t blame you.

– Ballgame


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