The Bruins Need To “Manipulate” The Cap In Any Way They Can

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.50.23 AM

And this guy’s injury is the key.

Let’s start with the inspiration for this blog. Everyone’s favorite play by play man, Jack Edwards:

I don’t even know what the hell Jack is talking about regarding the Bruins “taking the high road”. If he means being stupid then he’s absolutely correct. Neely was on Felger and Mazz on Tuesday and they brought up the fact that if you put Krejci on long term IR you get the cap space open. Then, you can trade for a guy and have the new guy and Krejci back in the line up for the playoffs because there’s no cap in the playoffs. Neely shrugged it off like it was against the rules or something even though I’m pretty sure it isn’t. What Toronto did was smart and believe it or not Jack every team can do this.

The Blackhawks are in a similar situation now with Kane only it looks like Kane will be out well into the playoffs if not miss all of them. If other teams (like the Blackhawks) “manipulate” the cap and the Bruins don’t under some guise of “doing what’s right” I want Chiarelli fired/murdered on the spot. Has anyone over on Causeway st. ever heard of Bill Belichick? Do business as business is being done. If that means you can legally (even if it’s a gray area) use Krejci’s cap space for another guy plus have Krejci play in the playoffs than you do it. It’s a no brainer.


– Ballgame


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