Charlton Athletic FC Faked A Sex Video In The Center Of The Pitch For Publicity

BBCCharlton Athletic have admitted that video footage of a couple having sex on the centre spot of the pitch at The Valley was a publicity stunt.

The video of the man and woman had more than a million views on social media.

The Addicks had claimed the amorous pair had broken into the ground and they were investigating the footage.

“We decided to own up and explain that it was set up by us to launch our pitch hire campaign,” said commercial manager Mark Hassan-Ali.

The club are hiring out their pitch for fans to play on in the summer and launched the offer on their website under the headline ‘Score at the Valley’.

Brief explanation; Charlton Athletic plays in the Football League Championship which is the second league in England after the Premier League. But anyways, I like the cut of Charlton’s jib here. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. And what garners tons of publicity? A sex scandal. So you organize a little false flag sexcapade in the middle of your pitch and what happens next? You have an unemployed blogger in Boston checking to see if he can bet on Charlton next time they play*. It’s really that simple. My FLC team is now Charlton Athletic FC. I took it hook, line and sinker and I already knew it was a faked sex scene. Doesn’t matter, I’m in. For the record I knew this was faked as soon as I saw the pixilation over the sex part – this is England not Japan. The girl looks like she might be pretty hot though, so that’s a win.

*Charlton +166 ML at Huddersfield on Saturday. I’ll take a stab at over 2.5 at +105 too. The second league probably plays no D. Take it to the bank.

– Ballgame


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