Tennessee Students Had A Huge Snowball Fight In Neyland Stadium Last Night While Chanting “Fuck You Florida”

S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!

Here’s reason number 232345436 why being in college is better than whatever you’re doing now. I can’t imagine they get snow in Knoxville often but when they do you might as well get a ton of kids into the stadium for a snowball fight. In this day and age I’m actually kind of surprised the school let this happen. I think it’s pretty clear that the school opened the stadium for them, it’s not like these kids were sneaking in. Nowadays throwing a snowball in college can probably get you expelled so good on UT for doing this. But the “fuck you Florida” chant is the best. Don’t tell these kids we’re still 7 months away from football season.

ps – Hey Tennessee bros, Peyton Manning never beat Florida.

– Ballgame


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