Danny Ainge Came Out Against Legalized Sports Betting This Morning On Toucher And Rich

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(I don’t actually hate trader Danny)

CBS Boston“I don’t [support it], but I would like to hear what Adam has to say about it, and really understand where he’s coming from and his perspective. Just off the top of my head, I do not [support it],” Ainge said.

Ainge, a practicing Mormon, explains he’s seen too many lives ruined to be in favor of such a measure.

“I’ve seen gambling ruin lives and ruin families. I’m just not for it. I wish they wouldn’t do it,” Ainge added.

Rich compared gambling to alcohol, and how moderation is the key. Just because some people can’t handle it, Rich argues, doesn’t mean you should punish those who can.

Ainge’s response:

“I understand. I just think the same thing with alcohol; there’s a lot of deaths that happen as a result to innocent people. I’m not so sure that those things are beneficial to our society and necessary for the game, but again, I’m open minded. I’d like to listen to what Adam has to say about the issue. But you asked me my opinion, and I prefer we not have things that are destructive to society.”

I don’t really care what Danny Ainge thinks about legalized sports betting. His opinion is irrelevant and I’m sure his views on gambling are influenced by Mormonism and I think we all know there won’t be any deaths or destruction to society if we can legally place a bet on the Celtics. But between Ainge’s commentary today and this article I read this morning about the top five myths of legalizing sports betting I’ve been thinking:

Does it actually matter at all if sports betting becomes legalized?

In theory yes, betting on sports should be 100% legal everywhere in the Untied States. Anyone with an ounce of common sense in their body knows this. The philosophical debate over it isn’t even an argument.

When the recent discussions of legalized sports betting started in the mainstream media I was pretty pumped. I initially thought it would be huge. But now I’m somewhat indifferent. I just made a bet on a college hoops game without getting up from my couch. The only value I see to someone like myself or anyone that bets illegally right now is the ease in which you’d be able to deposit and withdraw money. I use an off shore site, so it would essentially be exactly the same as it would be if it were legalized (assuming then you’d be able to bet online, which I’m sure you would). I’ve actually never had issues getting money out of my account and pretty fast too. But if you had a big chunk of change you wanted to take out you wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of money coming into your bank account from an unknown source. It’d be legal and guaranteed. Plus people who currently use a traditional bookie would be able to take money out whenever they want and ensure they received it immediately as opposed to having certain cut offs and the hassle of actually meeting your bookie.

Think of it this way; does anyone that smokes weed really care if it’s legal or illegal? You won’t get in trouble, you can get it immediately and it’s pretty much universally socially acceptable at this point. Both weed and sports betting will be fully legal soon anyways but in the meantime what does it matter?

– Ballgame


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