The NYPD Is Having Cops Watch Roadhouse As Part Of Their Retraining

NY PostThe NYPD has turned to Patrick Swayze to teach city cops how to behave.
Police bosses are using a scene from the 1989 action flick “Road House” as part of the mandatory, three-day retraining course for 22,000 cops, The Post has learned.

“You have to have a thick skin,” an instructor told cops forced to take part in the $35 million program before hitting play on the two-minute clip from the cult classic, sources said.

I gotta say…this is genius. If you don’t feel safer on the streets of New York now that’s a you problem because these cops have things under control. If you haven’t noticed police brutality is kind of a big thing in the news nowadays. What better way to stop that than bring in the ultimate cooler – Dalton. He also happens to be a guy that solved some of his other problems by ripping a guy’s throat out and kicking him into a lake. But then again, if you tell the NYPD you “used to fuck guys like them in prison” I suppose a violent reaction may be warranted in that situation. No matter what though I think we can all agree that the sooner the NYPD starts acting like a bouncer from an (awesome) 80’s movie, the better that city will be.

ps – I’m not saying I would have come up with something better than a Roadhouse youtube clip if I was given a 35 MILLION dollar budget to give the police a refresher course, but I may have.

– Ballgame


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