So Apparently Pretty Soon Robots Are Going To Take All Our Jobs And Crash The Economy

DailymailThe race to create robots that look, act and work like humans could see unemployment soar, welfare costs increase and may eventually bring the global economy to its knees.

That’s the dystopian scenario put forward in a report looking at how machines will revolutionise the workplace in the not-so-distant future.

Economists created a simple model to plot a range of possible robot scenarios to see how the machines could impact national income, capital and quality of service.

In their paper Robots are Us: Some Economics of Human Replacement, lead researcher Seth Benzell said: ‘Whether it’s bombing our enemies, steering our planes, fielding our calls, rubbing our backs, vacuuming our floors, driving our taxis, or beating us at Jeopardy, it’s hard to think of hitherto human tasks that smart machines can’t do or won’t soon do.’

With this in mind, Mr Benzell and his colleagues at the National Bureau of Economic Research asked whether ‘human replacement’ – the act of building better versions of ourselves – will deliver an economic utopia or leave us earning too little to buy the goods the robots are making?

Wow, wow, wow, BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…BEEP, let’s back it up here for a second. Enough with the fear mongering mainstream media. Wouldn’t robots doing all of the work be best case scenario? Then we wouldn’t have to do anything, duh. If they managed to do all of the production and service jobs and all the farming jobs we’d have free food and supplies. We could transfer into a whole new economic system where everyone’s well off and nobody really needs to work more than like 10 hours a week and we’ll have tons of time to pursue creative endeavors, gamble, blog, watch porn, anything we want. We’ll still have things like pro sports and famous people because you’d still be able to become more well off doing those things and reap the benefits of fucking whoever you want. A true Utopian society!

Ahhh who my kidding! The people in power now will take all the wealth and resources, have robots do everything and our grandchildren will be relying on Katniss to win them their food. But on the bright side, you’ll probably have a robot in your house to bring you beers, so it evens out.

– Ballgame


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