I Love This Woman Who Wants To Be An Anonymous Source

I need to be an anonymous source now. This anonymous woman was so right in making this decision. Being an anonymous source is awesome. It doesn’t matter if you’re Deepthroat breaking the Watergate story wide open or a random woman who inspected the women’s room at Port Authority in NYC. If you can conceal your identity in a major publication I think it’s always the smart thing to do. Aside from being an “anonymous source” I always have always wanted to be described as wearing “street clothes”. Like “Ballgame won’t be blogging today in his usual uniform of sweatpants and a sweatshirt, he’s at the bar in street clothes”. I’d also want an “undisclosed injury” that lists me as “day-to-day”. The problem is I can’t really make any of these things come to fruition due to my current lifestyle choice (unemployed). But a guy can dream right?

– Ballgame


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