Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Got Dominated In A Dance Off By Some Fat Kid Named “Skim Milk”

You may just want to skip to the 1:45 mark for Skim Milk, Kelce’s a bum

TurtleboysportsThere are some things in life that are always funny. Japanese tourists with cameras. Dogs chasing their tails. Little children saying bad words. But nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever beat fat man dancing. And I cannot stop laughing this morning while watching this fat bastard named “Skim Milk” get into a dance-off with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce at a Missouri rodeo.

Of course that guy’s name is Skim Milk. What else would it be? Look, I’ve been involved in a lot of dance-offs in my day. That’s generally how disputes were settled in my hood. But I have NEVER gotten served like Travis Kelce just got served. I mean, Kelce’s only move was the Tom Jones shuffle:

Ok, first of all, this move right here:

Sex. On top of sex. On top of sex. I hate to break it to Skim Milk here because I don’t think he’s exactly a man of means but he impregnated every chick at the rodeo all at once with this move. I haven’t seen a dance of performance like that in awhile. It doesn’t surprise me one bit this guy goes by Skim Milk. A+ nick name. As for Kelce? He’s a bum! This is the guy everyone’s claiming to be the next Gronk? Ummmm hello…

There’s only one Gronk and there’s only one Skim Milk. Don’t you forget it.

– Ballgame


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