Some Guy Hit A $2 Parlay That Paid Out 64k On 8 UFC Underdogs Sunday Night

I apologize if you’ve already seen this story. I’ve been pretty much off the internet since Friday morning. But this is nuts. I can’t imagine being this guy. We’ve all done this before; just put a tiny bit of money on a long shot parlay* and pray you put in a winning lottery ticket. The only difference is none of us have actually ever won. Watching that last fight must have been the biggest emotional roller coaster of all time. I guess he did hedge the last fight but the difference between winning a few thousand bucks and 64k is pretttty big. Congrats to this guy on living my dream.

*One day when I was still living the cube life I threw in a 16 team baseball parlay (there was a double header that day so there were 16 games). It was $10 to make I believe 115k. I ended up going 13-3 on the bets. That was WAY too close to winning and I think I was depressed for at least a week. Thank God it wasn’t 15-1 though because that might have been the end of me.

– Ballgame


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