ESPN Will Stop At Nothing To Try And Make The Patriots Look Like “Cheaters”

ESPNThree sources said that McNally has worked Patriots games for a decade, and has been in charge of the officials’ locker room at Gillette Stadium since at least 2008. In the first half of the AFC Championship Game, the sources said, McNally tried to give the unapproved football to an alternate official who was in charge of the special-teams footballs. Those footballs are known as “kicking balls” or “K balls.”

Before every NFL game, footballs are inspected and measured by NFL officials in their locker room before they can be approved for in-game use. The “K balls” are used for special teams, and not by the offenses of either team.

NFL officials put a special mark or stamp on each ball approved for use on offensive possessions, as well as the “K balls” used on special teams, to ensure only properly inspected and approved footballs are used in that game. Walt Anderson, the referee for the AFC title game, had personally inspected and marked each of the footballs that were approved for use in that game.

Here’s the whole story: allegedly ball boy Jim McNally tried to give an alternate official an unapproved ball to put into the rotation of special teams/kicking balls. That’s literally the entire story.

What the fuck? I think people are sitting around ESPN going “Hmmmm so that deflated balls thing turned out to be completely made up, how else can we keep this non-story going? I know, let’s just come up with a totally different story that means nothing!”

This is so fucking stupid I didn’t want to blog it but it’s going to be everywhere today so I figured I’d get it out of the way now. So a ball boy gives a non-approved ball to the guy in charge of the kicking balls. This has absolutely nothing to do with football inflation. I don’t even know how this could any way be connected to the original story. I have no idea how the Patriots sneaking one ball into the kicking balls rotation would help them. This is nothing but Patriots bashing click bait and unfortunately for anyone with a brain the national media will run with it today and give us all brain freezes for the rest of the week.

Hey everybody: stop looking for excuses for the Patriots being the best franchise in football and just admit you hate them. End of blog.

– Ballgame


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