You Should 100% Quit Your Job Instead Of Taking The T Today

All of these tweets are from today and I’m sure they’re just the tip of the iceberg. No job is worth doing this for. If you’re taking public transportation to work there’s about a 99.999999% chance that you’re not that important are you company. If you really need to get there take a cab or an Uber. Yea it sucks but take sick days or something. Take PTO days and then just don’t record them (old cube life trick). I don’t know how people are actually going through with this. I used to take the Redline from Southie to Quincy Center for my old job. There is NO chance I would be out there going through with this shit. It’d be 100% work from home. You have to take a stand at some point. You’re still a real human. This isn’t that different from how people are convinced rationalize and commit atrocities in the name of the greater power/state during war. All these people are convinced they need to go through the apocalypse for their company to take home their 55k a year. It’s incredible.

Godspeed to everyone on the T. Thank God I’m not you.

– Ballgame


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