50 Shades Of Grey Book At A Library Tested Positive For Herpes

Little confession that’s not really a confession; I’d like to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie. I just want to know what the hype’s all about. I don’t think the sex scenes in it are even going to be that great because it’s a normal rated R movie but if it comes up in discussion at one of the many, many, cocktail parties I attend I want to have a take on it.

But here’s what I don’t get, in order for this little slut book to get herpes it would have had to make contact with a dick or vagina right? Which assumes people are smashing themselves while reading about little Anastasia Steele getting tied up and dominated. Now, this is what I expect women do when they read this. Christian Grey starts doing his thing, chick starts getting a little leakage and fingers wander. But why read this book instead of watching the same thing on Pornhub? I’m sure you can find a scene exactly like any of the ones in the book in about 30 seconds and just smash yourself out while watching it. Is it because some girls don’t like the idea of watching porn so this is like a culturally acceptable alternative? All I’m saying is when you have the visual and audio at your disposal there’s no need for the effort of using your imagination.

ps – I think I’m going to download the book and read it. Full book review coming sometime next week.

– Ballgame


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