Seinfeld And Larry David Stole The Show Last Night At The SNL 40th Anniversary

The whole show last night was awesome but Jerry and LD going back and forth was incredible. It was basically my equivalent to seeing a huge dunk at the And 1 Street Ball Tour. The banter between the two started and I was standing on my couch swinging around a white tee shirt before I sprinted out of the room after “No. Why would I go to the party?”. They should honestly have a show where they’re just sitting at a table discussing random topics. Also, I tweeted this last night but I would kill to be able to follow Larry David around at the after party and watch him interact with all the other famous people. It’d just be real life, live action Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Overall I loved the show. Loved the Wayne’s World* sketch, loved Turd Furgeson, pretty much everything worked. If you didn’t get a chance to see it last night do yourself a favor and watch it.

*The Wayne’s World movie is arguably the most underrated movie of all time. It’s fucking hilarious.

– Ballgame


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