Rivals Recruiting Is Now Following A Couple Local 6th Graders

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Lost LettermenRivals introduced the profiles of Springfield, MA, running back Tyson Thornton and 5-foot-2, 105-pound “pro-style quarterback” Daron Bryden (Enfield, CT), citing their performances at the NextGen Boston camp:

Tyson Thornton and Daron Bryden will be the first 6th grade prospects the website will actively monitor. Thornton is a 5-foot-11, 167-pound running back with great explosiveness and surprisingly good body control for a kid his size and age. Bryden, a small quarterback with a big arm is incredibly composed and very polished—and he can make every throw. And with a father standing nearly 6-foot-7, he may soon have the body to match his arm. Both of these young players were so impressive they were moved up to compete against the eighth grade prospects.

I actually don’t think following this running back from Springfield is that bad of an idea. He’s 5’11”, 167 and he’s 12. If he can tote the rock and keep his pad level low I want this kid on my college team. But the QB? When you’re 5’2”, 105 lbs you’re not a pro style quarterback. You’re a scrawny 6th grader who’s never been kissed. I don’t care that his dad is 6’7”, big woop. Line me and this little puke up next to each other, we each do a 5 step drop and hit receivers in the same route and I’ll make it rain out there. I’d like to see the (lack of) zip this kid has on his ball. By the end of the drill I’d probably just start throwing him. Get out of here with this Rivals.

ps – It’s no inevitable that in like 2024 this QB is going to lead a team to a huge comeback/backdoor cover against me and cost me money. It will happen.

– Ballgame


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