There’s Internet Outrage Over The Hannah Davis SI Swimsuit Cover?

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YahooHannah Davis’ risqué Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover is a “dream come true” for her. But for the parents who now have to explain to their kids why the pretty lady is nearly taking off her bathing suit on a magazine — when some of those kids only recently learned to keep their clothes on at the playground — it’s a bit of a nightmare.

The annual issue sparked controversy as soon as it was revealed on Wednesday, as it shows the 24-year-old model from the U.S. Virgin Islands sliding down a teeny bikini while standing, inexplicably, in the middle of a farm. A Washington Post piece, promptly asking if the cover goes “too low” with Davis’ bikini bottom, elicited a slew of condemning comments including: “Horrible message for young girls,” and “They should change the name to Sports Illustrated Playboy edition.” One commenter even accused the magazine of “contributing to the accelerating loss of innocence.” An Us Weekly poll reveals that 72 percent of their 12,000-plus voters consider the cover “porn.” And a similar survey on Yahoo Health found that 48 percent of respondents deem the cover “degrading.”

“Confusing” is the term So Sexy So Soon co-author Diane Levin opts for. “Starting from young age, children are figuring out, ‘What does it mean to be a boy? What does it mean to be a girl?’” Levin, a professor of education in the Department of Early Childhood Education at Boston’s Wheelock College, tells Yahoo Parenting. Catching sight of all that skin, glorified on the newsstand at the grocery store, “becomes an important part of what they understand as to what it means to be girl and what people value,” she says. “It shows them girls are supposed to be pretty, and how you look is really important. It says, ‘Don’t think about what lies underneath, just focus on appearance. Being sexy is what’s valuable.’”

First of all, that picture is hot as fuck. I think we can all agree with that. But the title of this Yahoo article is “What Does the ‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover Teach Our Kids?”. I can’t even believe I’m writing this blog right now. The only thing more ridiculous than this was the news doing a segment on talking to your kids about the Patriots “cheating”. I know getting pissed about things on the internet is the #1 thing to do in 2015 but I didn’t think there was “outrage” at the sports illustrated cover. NOBODY cares about the SI swimsuit issue. It’s completely irrelevant to anyone with an internet connection. If you think this is porn than you’re either over 60 years old or the most naive person on the planet. Or you’re one of these psycho parents worrying that their child getting a glimpse of this cover will ruin their lives. Granted I’m just a single dude with no kids but I’d probably consider actually parenting instead of letting my daughter determine what’s right and wrong based on a magazine cover. But hey like I said, I can barely get two meals in myself a day. Not everything needs to be analyzed to death and have some greater meaning. It’s a consenting smokin’ chick being paid handsomely to entice men to buy a magazine. That’s it.

ps – This line: ‘Don’t think about what lies underneath, just focus on appearance. Being sexy is what’s valuable.’ Being hot/sexy is literally the most valuable thing a woman could have to get ahead in life. Fact, not opinion.

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