The Hot! Hot! Hot! Takes Of The Day

It may be freezing outside and more snow is coming but we still have takes melting the internet. Today’s hot takes are brought to you by the SI swimsuit issue gals:

#SWIMVILLE @si_swimsuit day 1 success 👍

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Butbutbut what do we tell the children!?!?!?! To the takes!

Time for a little hot take lesson. This is not a hot take. This is a faux-hot take and it’s becoming a real problem on the internets. Everyone just wants to be part of the hot take movement so bad that they start forcing hot takes that they don’t actually believe. They’re easily spotted once you look at the person’s other tweets. I have no tolerance for this and I take it as a personal insult. Now on the other hand…

BOOM. Hot Take.

BOOM. Hot Take.

BOOM. BOOM. HOT TAKE! HOT TAKE! This concludes today’s lesson on hot takes. Keep your oven mitts close by folks.

The hotness here isn’t from squid Rovell. It’s from the first line of the article: “Do you know how hard it is to find a white guy who knows that ‘shake and bake’ isn’t just something you do with chicken?” Gawd I love that take. Literally sweating on the couch right now reading that. Hot takes from the 80’s were fire, no surprise there.

“I don’t know how much of Johnny’s personal life was known by everybody then,” Haslam said, according to the Akron Beacon-Journal.Jimmy Haslam, Browns Owner

Either Haslam’s covering his own as OR (and what I believe to be true) Haslam is so stupid that he just dropped one of the most sizzling takes I’ve seen in awhile. Just so uninformed, so hot, big time take from an NFL owner. That’s how you become a billionaire guys.

The “Sean Kingston” Take Of The Day

Tanggggayyyyyy (Kendrick Perkins voice). This tweet is from today. Tanguay is officially the leader of the deflategate truther movement and he’s proving it with hot takes like this one. One of the only guys left on this planet who hasn’t figured out that the Patriots deflating footballs was completely made up. But hey, if the takes keep coming, keep at it Gary.

Have a great Thursday night!!!!

– Ballgame


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