I Need A College Football Fix; Let’s Pick Some Week 1 Games

5Dimes released week 1 college football lines today on a handful of the higher profile games. Sure we’re 7 months away but this is what the sidewalk outside of my house looks like right now:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 1.59.21 PM

I need to think of the smell of fresh cut grass and those warm September Saturdays centered around betting college football and drinking Twisted Teas. So we’re hitting 88 mph and fast forwarding to week 1. All these lines are real and they’re courtesy of 5Dimes. To the picks!

UTAH -6 vs. Michigan

Massive overreaction to Harbaugh. This line should be double digits. In fact, by the time it gets to September it’ll probably be at least -9.5. Michigan will suck this year. Utah will be good and it’s at Utah which is a real tough place to win. This is absolutely a game I will be on week 1.

TEXAS +10.5 vs. Notre Dame

I very rarely play dogs in weeks 1 or 2 UNLESS it’s against Notre Dame. Nobody is more overrated at the beginning of every season perception wise than Notre Dame. Sure, the game’s at ND but who the hell on Texas is going to be intimidated playing at ND? Texas improved mightily throughout the season and they should make a pretty big leap forward in Charlie Strong’s second season. Also, there’s no doubt that Notre Dame’s bowl win over LSU inflated this spread.

OHIO ST. -18 vs. Va. Tech


TEXAS A&M -4 vs. Arizona St.

I’ve been high on ASU the last couple season but I think this is where I jump off the bandwagon. At least to start the year. But regardless of that this game is going to have about 80 pts scored in it so give me the over and A&M as a less than a TD favorite at home to start the year at the renovated 12th Man.

Only 7 months guys!!!

– Ballgame


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