The Hot! Hot! Hot! Takes Of The Day

I want to apologize for the lack of hot takes blogs the last few days. My blog game’s been off. You want me to say I fucked up? I fucked up. I want to blame the snow but I have no reason to leave my house so I really can’t do that. No excuses. Just gotta move forward. Today’s hot takes are brought to you by Anna Kendrick:

šŸ’› Band Of Outsiders

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She was throwing smoke at the Grammy’s and I can’t even with the new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. To the takes!

This has to be the stupidest non-story story of all time. The hot takes are FLYING on twitter over Benn and Seguin rightfully pointing out the at the Sedin Sisters are total weirdos. They’re guys in the NHL joking around about other guys in the NHL, christ almighty. Get over yourselves hockey writers.

Guys selling their free Superbowl tickets = shaving points and throwing games. Gotta love hot betting takes. Because of course the only way somebody would try to pay a player off is if sports betting became legal and actually had real oversight. Can’t happen now while sports betting’s illegal. (That’s hot take on hot take crime what I just pulled there).

So age manipulations are egregious but using illegal players isn’t. Ok, I see that fire Jesse Jackson. I mean, it makes no sense but that’s what makes it so hot. This whole situation is so stupid. It’s really not a big deal, you can strip them of the title but not their experience. People are just exploiting these kids now even more so than the coaches who brought in the illegal players.

The “Sean Kingston” Take Of The Day

Anddddd we’ve landed on the sun! Sure, there was that whole thing with the Angels rally monkey that Mountain Ridge was copying but I like this take way more than the reality. The JRW story has no officially jumped the shark with this take and I couldn’t be happier.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!

– Ballgame


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