Introducing The “Artful Bachelorette” Party Where Dudes Pose Naked And Chicks Draw Them

draw bachelorett2

NYDNA stripper can be so gauche, but hiring a naked man to pose as you draw him, well, that’s classy.

This, in a nutshell, is the premise of Artful Bachelorette, a one-year-old Brooklyn company that organizes pre-wedding parties for brides who want a cheeky way to say goodbye to the single life.

“When there’s a stripper, you end up humiliating the bride (if she) has to get a lap dance,” said Fleur Childs, an Australian who co-founded the Brooklyn-based alternative bachelorette company with her childhood friend Samara Hodgson. “None of our models are strippers.”

That’s true, of course, but they still strip. As in all the way to the buff. And the guests still giggle like strip club habitues.

So strippers for bachelorette’s who would feel too guilty or awkward to get a real male stripper. Either way you’re staring at some strange cock, so whatever makes you ladies sleep at night. I have two main questions here:

1. What the hell do these guys do with their dicks the whole time? I’m assuming you’re standing up there for awhile. You’re not going to stay hard. Hell, they probably don’t even want you hard. You can’t just guarantee a respectable chub the whole time, that’s impossible. But you obviously can’t just let your dick shrink back into your body either. Like something has to give here.


2. Not really related but definitely related: are those male strippers that are part furries/part not that they have videos on Pornhub real? You know, the male strippers that just go HAM at a bachelorette party and end up getting blown by everyone and fucking the bride? Pretty sure those are just a set up to make a amateur-looking porn but at the same time I bet you can get those.

So there you have it: the artful bachelorette party. More questions than answers.

– Ballgame


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