People Are Freaking Out About VS Model Karlie Kloss’ Short Hair And They Need To Shut Up


karlie kloss haircut 2

karlie-kloss haircut 3

karlie-kloss- haircut 4

Boston.comSo maybe it’s a bit much to get worked up over: but some media outlets are in a bit of a huff because the comments on a LiveJournal fashion blog are declaring internationally acclaimed super model Karlie Kloss’s short ‘do is not sexy.

The Victoria’s Secret commercial features the newly winged Angel sporting her signature Karlie crop that has been deemed by some insiders as the new “Rachel” — as in Jennifer Aniston’s famous layered ‘do from her “Friends” day — alongside Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, and Lais Ribeiro. Hair gets whipped around, models exit sports cars wearing nothing more than their bras and panties, the sun is shining — you get the drill.

In the post titled “One of these things is not like the others” that started the thread, one commenter notes that Kloss’s cut makes her stick “out like a sore thumb next to these more bombshell types” who happen to all have longer hair.

Let’s just all slowwwww down a little bit here. What’s wrong with this short hair look? I think she’s still hot as fuck. In fact I’m borderline preferring it to her fake long hair. If you can pull off hair like this and still be hot then it’s not a big deal. The glasses pic is excellent. In that 4th pic she looks like some sorta female movie villain which is an instaboner.

Is this just chicks freaking out about this? It has to be. I can’t see any guy having a problem with this. Unless of course liking the short hair just means I have the gay. But if that’s the case in this instance I stand by it.

– Ballgame



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2 responses to “People Are Freaking Out About VS Model Karlie Kloss’ Short Hair And They Need To Shut Up

  1. Anonymous

    This chick

  2. Anonymous

    This chick and the other current VS models couldn’t hold the old timers’ jocks. I can’t even tell them apart. Get me Lima and klum etc over this chick any day

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