Dylan Dreyer Marrying A Camera Guy And Tweeting Pics Of Their Honeymoon Will Haunt Me Forever

Inside TrackAnd that WHDH meteorological maven turned “Today Show” weekend anchor Dylan Dreyer tied the knot this weekend to former cameraman Bryan Fichera. The ceremony was held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston with Father Robert P. Reed, president of the Catholic TV Network, officiating. The couple are currently honeymooning in Italy.

I’m sitting in my cube and there’s a 100% chance of a rain cloud being over my head right now. I guess this is the end for me and Dylan. I’m sure this guy is wicked nice and they’re in love and blah blah blah but a camera guy????? I would have guessed a celeb or a foreign prince or something. And on top of that I get to watch them live in Italy having the best time ever. So depressing. They say if you love something you should let it go and if it comes back to you, then it was truly meant to be. As they said when the Boston Garden shut it’s doors for good, thanks for the memories, keep shining.

Thanks to Sean for the heads up on the blurb from The Track. If you see anything you think is blog worthy send it to one14pembroke@gmail.com

– Ballgame


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7 responses to “Dylan Dreyer Marrying A Camera Guy And Tweeting Pics Of Their Honeymoon Will Haunt Me Forever

  1. Ringo

    He is like 10 years her junior too

  2. Anonymous

    Dylan you are sexy hot do u know that

  3. Anonymous

    Dylan insure your legs they are fabulous

  4. Anonymous

    Why can’t I marry a woman like Dylan . I make about 250 thousand per year and would love to marry as sexy hot and good looking like Dylan why why why

  5. art estrada

    Speechless.what beauty,all of you..

  6. Anonymous

    I make 500,000 a year, that’s right! Dylan please dump UR cameraman and let me show you the world while having a blast!
    I’m 34 …..
    I know y u married UR cameraman?

  7. Love your legs especially in nylons just awesome bare legs is not for everyone not everyone can style bare legs some legs need to hidden

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